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The Beginning of Online Casinos in Asia

Gambling online has become quite common these days because of the availability of countless gambling websites. Almost in every country across the world, gambling is played online. But compared to many others, Asia has a successful gambling industry, which is also increasing day by day. Many Asian countries today allow gambling legally, and have several trusted asian casinos located. But there are also certain regions where casinos and other such games are strictly banned. However, let us now discuss how and when the concept of gambling actually begun in Asia.fortunejack

It all started in 1994 in the islands of Caribbean when Antilles Island became one of the prime channels for web based gambling. During the same time, Antigua – an island located in the West Indies, also supported a bill about regulating licenses for online gambling. Just a look at its origin will clearly give us an idea on how popular these online games were then itself. The popularity for web based casinos has just kept soaring till date. Presently, there are several Asian gambling sites that have been functioning from quite a long time.


Asia is perhaps one of the few places where internet casinos are started in large numbers. It is a known fact that since 900 A.D, there has been a huge interest among Asians towards recreational activities. It is also said that the people of China were the first to have invented playing cards. This interest has gradually spread to other games like casino table games, poker and so on. No wonder, Asia in today’s time has one of the successful and fast-developing markets for online gambling. It is not just because of the wide range of games it offers, but gambling in Asia is also known for being advanced, latest in technology and best in quality.fortunejack

Another best thing about online casinos in Asia is, here players can find even the traditional games apart from the latest ones online. For example, Mahjong is a 4,000 year old card game in China, which is now offered online in most of the casino gaming portals. fortunejackThe craze and popularity for this specific game is so huge that, many people love playing it online even in places where internet gambling is not completely legalized. Even in Japan, Macau and Philippines, there is immense demand for such games, which differ a lot compared to what western nations are offering.